The Wandering Mind

3. Forest

Every morning I wake up, a new idea or inspiration springs up in my mind which I sometimes scribble in a piece of paper or talk about endlessly to those closest to me. They always wonder why I have so many ideas and inspiration and do nothing about them. I  have been asked to write a book about these things but I know that’s not what I want. I try to explain myself but the truth is they don’t get me.I don’t want to be writer because if given a deadline by my publisher I would abandon the project. I don’t like deadlines or ultimatums. I just like to do what I want whenever and however.

I call myself a Bank of Ideas.I just love to share my ideas and inspiration to whoever cares to listen. Whatever you do with it is non of my business. I love testimonials though. I have gotten several and it felt goooood. Crazy right? Well, that’s me.

I get my ideas and inspiration from my dreams, when I’m bored (i’m easily bored), when i’m upset (i’m easily upset) and when I grieve ( I rarely grieve). I translate all these to writing with an extra spice of make-believe.
My mind wanders through anything possible or impossible. For instance, I have traveled the world in spirit and only visited a few. Where my feet have not stepped on this earth, my spirit lives there. I have had meetings with my ancestors that have died long before I was born. ( Crazy weirdo…Lol). I have met and discussed with world leaders on world peace. I have ended wars with my thoughts. I have been judge, jury and executioner to deviants in the society. I have been the coolest super mum and wife to my three kids and amazing husband. There is so much more in my mind but who has time to listen to me without judging me crazy and delusional.
Thus, I have weaved my web to be home for my wild thoughts, inspiration and ideas on any subject. In my web, I  fear not to be judged. You’re welcome to call me crazy. Love y’all
Yours truly,

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