I’ve had an issue bugging me for a long time now and I can’t keep it inside no more. Last week, I was in the salon and I overheard two silly girls talking about a lady that had just left the salon. They went on and on about how her exorbitant lifestyle and how she lives in

a 1 bedroom apartment at Maitama. One of the ignoramus said it could only be her sugar daddy that would pay her rent bla bla bla. The other one laughed and said ‘na only runs she sabi, olosho dem’. I walked over and slapped both of them and….scratch that. LOL. I did nothing but pity their ignorance.

I live in a city where whenever a young lady is seen driving a good car and looking posh, the first guess is that she’s a hoe/olosho/runs girl/ashawo etc. My heart breaks every time I hear someone say that. Why should you profile a lady by the car she drives, the clothes she wears and the city she lives in? Unless you know her in person and you have seen that she is a hoe, you have no right to call her names.

There is a struggling young female professional trying to catch her big break. She hustles to get clients who don’t pay her well but she remains steadfast. She runs after any kind of job on the side to make ends meet. She enters ‘along’ taxi everywhere she goes and walks some distance just because she can’t afford to pay for a drop. Oh the sweaty and smelly people she encounters in the tightly seated taxi everyday is never a pleasant experience! She keeps holding strong. She answers late night calls to run errands for stipends yet, she doesn’t give up.
Most times, she is not so lucky to date guys who will support her hustle. They rather drain the little she makes to spend on flashy girls or other frivolous acts. The hustle and the heartaches tag along with her. She never gives up on love or the hustle. She cannot afford to look flashy because she cannot spend her little savings on expensive stuff. At this point in her life, you do not know her or where she is coming from.
One day, the hustle pays, she can afford to live in a high brow area, drive a good car and wears expensive things. Or perhaps, she meets a guy who believes in her dreams, supports her and places her where she deserves to be, right on top. Now you see her and all you can say is “she’s just a hoe”. “How can she afford that house or car?”
Really? Why judge when you know nothing about her? If only you knew how hard the hustle was, the disappointments and the heartaches. If only you knew!
Don’t get me wrong. There are some fake-ass girls in this life. The ones that would attribute their lavish living to the work of God or to their 70k paying job or to their fathers. Even more laughable are the ones that say “he didn’t even touch me. I hail thee Aunty Miracle Attractor. We all know these kind of girls and one can find some of them at hip places around town keeping up appearances and backing up with oddly impressive stories from their dark twisted minds.. Fake! Fake! Fake! Get your acts right and put some respect on womanhood.
To all the hardworking sisters toiling day and night to make ends meet, keep pushing. Heed not what ignorant people say about you. The hustle will surely pay off. Don’t give up.

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