About two weeks ago or so, the world commemorated the International women’s day. I saw so many posts praising women all over. I received a few messages ranging from happy women’s day to happy mother’s day (LOL I’m a future mother ain’t I?) Anyway, as usual I wandered in deep thought about who I am as a woman. What makes one a woman? Is it just that as God made me a woman, that is all that qualifies me to be celebrated? Am I a girl trapped in a woman’s body? Do I make smart and well-thought decisions as a woman? Do I effect progressive change for myself and other women in the society? Am I assertive? Am I a help-mate to my boyfriend/husband? Can/will I sit at the table with the Proverbs 31 woman? To sum up all my thoughts, I asked myself, Am I or can I be an Ideal woman A.K.A Eshet-chayil (go figure)? While I may not have given answers to the questions I asked myself, I however examined the kind of women I have seen, heard and read about.

Are you the career woman? This is an extremely ambitious woman, independent and hardworking that many men find impossibly attractive. While being an ambitious woman has it’s perks, some put their career far beyond their personal life such that their boyfriends/husbands fall at the wayward side. Please take a break woman, there is so much more to being a woman than your ambitious career.

Are you the domestic goddess? These are the class of women that are naturally maternal, selfless and can cook anything. In short, she is a total wife-and-mother-material, the full package ( Carry-go). she is looking for a kind and gentle man who will be loyal and ready to be pampered.

Are you a drama queen? These are the women that starts a row for little or no reason. I also see them as attention seekers. They live for the drama. (hello, madam diva, save your drama for the soap opera). They often do these drama and while sometimes they are pretty funny, other times its the most irritating sight. Such women like men who can hold them down and tell them they are being ridiculous. (My opinion).

Are you the guy’s girl? You can hardly find her in the company of women. Always prefers to hang out with men. She will flirt with everybody’s boyfriend/husband (If I catch you near my own ehn!) and she makes no effort to bond with her counterparts. I’m wary of such women and trust me, you should be wary too.

While I know that not everybody is perfect, I am of the opinion that there are key things that define a woman. The kind of women I identified above are not all the kinds you will find in the world today. However, I think that as women, we need a bit of the few I identified. We should be ambitious but not at the cost of our family or friends. We should be domestic but not be caught in the idea that that is what makes you a woman. We should have a good measure on our relationship with the opposite sex but not get carried away. We need the drama to spice things up but not too much of it. We should be assertive. We should be outspoken yet polite. Yes, becoming an ideal women requires so much but guess what, we can do it.

We are unable to reach our full potential due to bitterness, selfishness, materialism, flirting/waywardness, dishonesty, greed, gossip and dis-respectfulness etc. Stop being the woman who seems angry at men all the time because of past heartaches? You are so bitter that you hurl hurtful insults at any given chance. If you are the selfish woman who always put herself first before every other person. You are often unable to build a cheerful and loving relationship because you never see anything that is good for another first before you. Quit such behavior madam! If you are you a materialistic woman obsessed with material things over love, family, friends, make room in your heart as there is much more to life than your obsession with material things. I can go on but you already know and you can choose to remain in denial.

I ask you now, are you a woman worth celebrating? What makes you thick? (please your lady lumps don’t qualify here…LOL). But really, are you an ideal woman? I think some of you are ideal women and some of you are a work in progress. You all deserve to be celebrated not just on such days but every day of your lives.

Be Beautiful! Be Ideal! Be Celebrated!

3 thoughts on “WAKANDA WOMAN ARE YOU?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Angie,
    you started with questioning the kind of woman you are but instead of answering
    the question, you’ve described all the kinds of women there are and given advice
    for them all.
    please as a fan of your posts, I’d like to know the one you are out of the types you described.

    Liked by 1 person

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