The first time that I went to see the most anticipated romantic movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, I came out of the cinema all mushy and frustrated. I thought to myself, where can one ever find love like this? I even shed a little  tear. I mean, what woman would not wish for love like this? You have a boyfriend pretending to be an average guy and you later discover that he is the heir to a multi-billion dollars conglomerate. Oh my head is spinning all over again (LOL). Then he takes you home for his best friend’s wedding and reality dawns on you. His mother doesn’t approve of you because of your background and upbringing. She says you are not and will never be good enough for her son. That is not all the woes you have coming. Your boyfriend also happens to be the most eligible bachelor in the entire  society so you have so many high-class rivals to contend with. Those trying to maim you or pretending to be your friend to pull you down as well as those trying to scare you to death with threats. All these happening in just one week after two years of dating. Thus goes the saying that you can never know anyone completely.

I picked so many things from watching this movie. Firstly, ladies, you would be lucky to find a very rich and humble guy in Nigeria who does not want to show how much money he or his family has to you. You would be lucky that even if you eventually knew how rich he is,  he won’t tell you that you are only interested in the money. You would be luckier if he decides to ignore all advances from other girls who are in the same social standing as him. The problem however is not about being so lucky to find a guy like this. it is rather about what you are looking out for. Every girl wants a guy that is rich and handsome and humble but we don’t always get what we want. If such a guy comes your way be thankful and love him like you would any other guy. It is when you start making extra efforts that you send the wrong message. Don’t get it twisted sister, there are few men like Nick Young and there are a million girls looking for his kind. Can you stand the competition? If you can then good luck. If you can’t, find the one that you can handle. One lady said that she will rather be miserable in a mansion than be happy in a poor man’s house. The struggle is real.

Secondly, about meeting the parents. What do you look out for when your boyfriend says he wants you to meet his parents? Do you expect a warm reception or do you think they will be non-receptive and wouldn’t approve of you? If I were you, I will expect little from them and save myself the disappointment of being rejected or disapproved of. The lady in the movie was so happy to meet his family but she was met with cold shoulders, forceful smiles, inquisitive relatives and an over protective and disapproving mother. What do you do in such a situation? In my opinion, just be yourself. You won’t get anywhere trying to please everyone so that they will like you. Please don’t start what you cannot finish. The only thing I would expect is for the man who has brought me home to stand by me during these confrontations. He should support me before them and also behind my back. He cannot and should not be found wanting for throwing me to the sharks (excuse my analogy). I will find it most unforgivable if he shows no support at such a critical and very important moment. If you find one person who approves of you, make that person your friend because that will be your only guide to understanding the rest of the family. Now, while I understand that family values, background and culture make the top list of why you may or may not be approved of, you should also remember that you didn’t choose where you come from or how you should be raised. Everything is God’s doing. He knows best.

Thirdly, when it comes to making a choice to stay loving this man and perhaps marry him without his family’s blessing or to walk away from everything you have built so far just because his family does not approve, which would you choose. There is no rule book on what to do here. The circumstances will be peculiar for each and every one of you. For Racheal Chu, she handled it well but I know it was a bitter pill to swallow. She was either going to keep loving Nick Young and remain at odds with his family whose primary concern is their wealth, family legacy and the kinds of rich people they know or she breaks up with him and choose a life where she will bear children to grow up treasured and loved by their relatives like her own family has done. So she choose to call off the relationship. I would do what Racheal did because lets be honest with ourselves, when you marry a man, it is not just him you marry. You marry his family as well. Trust me when I say that you won’t sit comfortable in such a family. You will constantly expect your husband to choose between you and his family and it never ends.

I know this piece may be a spoiler for some of you that haven’t watched the movie or read the book but that was not my intention. If you have seen this movie and you didn’t have a deep thought on how it affects you, then you should see the movie again and this time  watch and  listen attentively to the glaring and salient points therin. I would love to get your reviews about this movie. While you are there being you remember to LOVE LIVE and CARE.



  1. Isaac says:

    I think the choice for any relationship must be balanced between the two parties involved, once that is established, third parties of families, friends and colleagues etc are made to understand that and they are gradually made to accept that it starts from the earlier ‘two’ and while a hell lot can be further achieved, anything and everybody is possible…

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