By Andrea Vanen Kwen:

We’re all acting shocked and livid over ochanya’s death, which is deserved. However, I’m not in the least bit surprised. That being said, I’m angry that the lot of you are feigning shock. Knock your silly heads against a sharp axe, yeye people.

I’m 27 years old, and before I clocked 7 years, I’d come in contact with at least 10 sexual predators and was abused by at least seven of them.

These were neighbours. Family. Friends. Married. Single. Religious leaders. Humans who at some point my mum had trusted with my care or had welcomed into our home.

This is why I find this foolery y’all are high on, masked as feigned shock pretty irksome. Ochanya isn’t the first to be sacrificed on this altar.

We are many. Our souls have died a million deaths, our bodies are scarred by your filthy fingers. Ochanya is one in many. Sadly, she’s the one who died at the altar of your collective lust and selective ignorance.

I once reported an attempt to an aunty and I got flogged in stead, and accused of smearing the idiot’s name and nearly breaking up his marriage. Like my aunt, the bulk of you are more concerned with keeping appearances and protecting abusers. How many times have you aborted for the help that stays under your roof to cover your son’s atrocities?

How many times have you returned corpses to parents claiming they died from an ailment other than the abuse you gladly ignored to keep your marriages or families intact?

That being said, I detest Nigeria and her cruelty, I detest her marriages….. too much blood and sweat goes into preserving them. I detest the mothers we’re stuck with; literally and figuratively. A bunch of penis-pleasing-clowns who are too weak to protect their cubs. I detest being female in Nigeria, it isn’t safe.

Rest in peace, dear child.

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