Have you ever taken a leap to lead on anything ever?

If you haven’t then you should quit being too afraid to fail when you haven’t even tried to do something that would make people have high expectations of you.

A month ago, I volunteered to host an event on French Language that I have been so keen on learning. I thought to myself that with proper planning and preparation, I could make it happen successfully. There was however, an inner voice telling me to quit while I was still ahead; after all for one who has never done something like this before, the chances of embarrassing ones self are very likely. The good thing is that lately, negative thoughts have no hold on me (I am fearless and bodacious).

As soon as I signed up to host, set the date and venue for my event, the Company automatically created adverts to users of the Duolingo learning French language within Abuja environs. A week passed by and another week but nobody had signed up. I talked to friends and colleagues about my event and I invited them to sign up. I was disappointed because the only other person who RSVP’d for my event was my sister, apart from me. Thank God for family that cares. I bet if my mother, my brothers and my older sister were to be here, they will sign up just to add to the numbers. (Oh, how I love my family’s supportive spirit). Despite no interest so far, I kept my hopes high and expectations low (what a feeling right? Well, I just can’t explain).

One day, I got an email notification of an interested attendee and I was super excited. And just like that the notifications kept coming it and boom I had 10 people signed up because that was the number of seats I reserved. I even had people on the waiting list. Wow, I was overjoyed but only for a moment as anxiety took over me the next minute. A loud voice ringing in my head was like, “AUGUSTA…how much do you know to want to host such an event?”. Hmmmm…

Today, I went to the venue early enough to speak with the manager and make sure that all was set. I hadn’t made notes on the theme of the event but I had been practicing. I said to myself, ‘I am going to be great today’.

At 4pm, I was seated with my sister/photographer and at ten minutes past 4pm, no one had showed up. I refreshed my email several times to no avail. I said to my sister that I will sit down here until 5pm (since it was a one hour event) and if no one shows up, I will buy us a pizza and some ice cream. Just then, a nice looking lady walked up to me and asked if I were Augusta. My face lit up like a light bulb at once. And boy was she good at speaking french. Anyway, two more people showed up and we had a smooth transition into our event. I was surprised about how my french proficiency had improved. I made several blunders but ‘on toujours apprendre‘.

This might not sound like a big deal to you but it was a big deal for me. Here is why. One, I took a leap of faith and tried something I never imagined I could do and I did so with confidence. I broke out of my comfort zone to always follow and I led without being asked to do so. I scared myself and tried something new. We all like our little bubbles of comfort, but there is so much out there in life left untried, so much uncharted territory for all of us to explore. I think we should learn to put ourselves at risk and put ourselves out there for a change.

Another thing I got out of this experience is that I got to meet new people that we share the same interest. I have increased my social circle as well. And we had so much to share about our learning experience and our motivations. We learnt new things from each other as well. You might think that it is more fun to hang with the people who know you best but don’t shy away from giving another group the chance to know that awesome personality.

Hosting this event helped me to hone my leadership and organization skill. Some people are born leaders while others learn to become leaders. Either way, there is always room to become a better leader by learning adaptive leadership skills.

I gained a new perspective on things I never considered before. It is easy to make judgments from afar, but what can you really say about anything until you’ve tried it for yourself.

Most of all, I have gained more confidence in my oral communication in the French language. The attendees were happy and commended me for my effort. That alone was enough for me.

As for the CONs, there were none for me. Ten people RSVP’d for my event and only Five of us showed up but I was elated because I didn’t have a high expectation anyway. We had so much fun that we spent more than the originally set one hour for the event. This is just the first of many more events to come. Luckily for me,I signed up for a monthly recurring event. If you would like to sign up for the event, click HERE.

Thank you stepping into my web.

à  bientôt!


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